Adaptive Authentication that won't break the bank.

We understand the delicate balance of compliance, customer protection, and user experience.


The aPersona Adaptive Security Manager (ASM) allows you to provide a great user experience and implement a multi-factor, layered security framework all on a very light IT resource footprint. Unlike our competitor's tools, ASM is easy to install, easy to integrate, and requires little to no management. This results in happy customers, happy IT security teams, happy risk officers, and happy CFOs. 


  • Transparent - Authorized users are validated transparently with nothing to carry or install.

  • No Static Factors - Hackers love anything that doesn't change. That's why everything in the Adaptive Security Manager is always changing.

  • Behaviorial Analysis - Patent pending, automatic Pattern of Behavior (PoB) learning. Anything outside the user's normal pattern of behavior is automatically blacklisted.

  • Complex Device Fingerprinting - Over 100 factors tracked and analyzed per transaction including connected IoT devices.

  • SSO Support - Simple integration with identity and access management platforms. Support for OpenID Connect, OAuth2, SAML, and LDAP, Active Directory, and Social Network IDs.

  • Easy Integration and Management - From ASM installation to integration, your applications and portals can be protected in a few days. We've also made management and application support a breeze. 

  • Extremely Low TCO - Our developers have spent years designing high-volume financial applications. They've applied that knowledge to build the lightest, fastest behavior-based, adaptive authentication solution on the market.

  • Audit & Compliance - Automatic Risk Analytics Data and Reporting for Audit and Compliance.