Phreedom Phrom Phishing: 4 Things You Should Do Immediately

Phreedom Phrom Phishing By Chris Reese According to the most recent data, over one half of Internet users receive at least one phishing email per day. What is phishing? Simply stated, it’s an email or phone call from an organization posing as legitimate targeted at an individual to acquire login credentials, financial information, or entice them to install malicious software. “Spear phishing” is the term used for a targeted phishing attack on an organization or specific individual. Who would voluntarily give login credentials to a complete stranger or install malware? According to research by Google, almost half of generalized credential phishing attempts succeed. Furthermore, 20% of those c

Cyber Insurance MFA Dilemma

Once a company sees the "handwriting on the wall" and starts the underwriting process for cyber insurance, they quickly find out that the insurance company underwriters have done their homework and are now questioning perspective customers if they have Multi-Factor-Authentication in place. Many cyber insurance questionnaires are also specifically asking what categories of users are protected. (i.e. Company Administrators, Employees, Suppliers, Partners, & yes even Customers) The reason this question is popping up, is simple. Depending on the study you read, somewhere between 67% and 95% of data breaches result from exploiting weak and/or stolen credentials. So underwriters are getting reall

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