Pitfalls with Opt-In Login Security

We engage with companies all the time around the perils of credential theft and what to do about it. Just about every security expert I know agrees that on-line services must be protected with more than just a static ID and a Password, since its clear that 2/3 of account take-overs result from the exploitation of weak or stolen credentials, billions of credentials have been stolen, and people reuse credentials 61% of the time. Once your organization comes to grip with the fact that some additional layer of security should be employed, the inevitable question comes up: "Should we protect all our users, or make it an Opt-In?" (To be clear, this discussion only applies to public/customer facing

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aPersona ASM utilizes machine learning, artificial intelligence (learning, problem solving and pattern recognition) and cognitive behavioral analytics to invisibly protect on-line accounts, web service portals & transactions from fraud.

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