Billions and Billions Served – All your user ID & Pwd credentials are known!

Billions and Billions Served used to be the number of burgers served up by McDonald’s, but in the last couple of years it has become a pretty accurate tag line for user credentials. The stats here are essentially irrefutable. 2/3 of account take-overs result from exploiting weak or stolen credentials. Billions of credentials have been stolen from multitudes of on-line services. 61% of credentials are reused across multiple services. Can we be honest here? ID’s and Passwords alone are not secure for your employees, your suppliers, your contractors, or your customers. The risk landscape for ID & Password protection includes about 10 billion end points and every interconnected network on the pl

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aPersona ASM utilizes machine learning, artificial intelligence (learning, problem solving and pattern recognition) and cognitive behavioral analytics to invisibly protect on-line accounts, web service portals & transactions from fraud.

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