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  "apersona-amfa": {

    "name": "aPersona-l2",

    "label": "apersona-amfa",

    "plan": "free",

    "credentials": {

      "aPersona admin portal link": "",

      "aPersona vault API link": "",

      "aPersona licensing link": "",

      "aPersona support docs link": "",

      "Tenant name": "BM – b3427ca-103u-41f1-b8a3-c9db562d67fd's Company",

      "API keys": "",

      "KV license key": "aPV-dd290a12b480424eb801d81b8e09dbab  - KV Test - b20222ee-101f-41f1-b2a4-c9db288d23eb's Company"




Where to find your Bluemix aPersona Tenant Key:

  1. Login to Bluemix and access your application you used to bind to aPersona.

  2. Click on "Show Credentials" at the bottom of the aPersona service to view the vCap file.

  3. Copy your specific Tenant Name from the file. See example below.

Example vCap File:

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