How it Works

There are billions of devices and networks and people. But consider that all that really matters for a given transaction, is the extremely narrow relevant context and factors of the two or three devices a user possesses, the networks and IoT things they connect to and utilize, the companies they connect to, the applications they run, the specific transactions they execute, the values that may be present in those transactions and the user's behavior as they perform the combined interaction. In addition, each of these narrowly relevant factors change over time.

aPersona leverages, fosters and even creates dynamic changes in these relevant factors and analyzes them as they change over time and efficiently white-lists only the relevant factors and blacklists all others. aPersona is extremely accurate, an ever changing dynamic target, and highly transparent to the real user.

aPersona is simple to setup: Security administrators create security policies with specific time-based security levels. Once setup, aPersona enables automatic & invisible AMFA user registrations, learning, predictive monitoring and risk evaluations for any type of transaction including logins and post login transactions. Watch our introductory video below to understand why credential fraud is such a big problem and see a quick demo of the end user experience with aPersona's Adaptive Security Manager.