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SmartVault Enhances Online Security With aPersona’s Adaptive Multifactor Authentication

RALEIGH, NC – 01 Feb 2018 – aPersona , today announced SmartVault, a  leading provider of online document management and secure client portal solutions, has chosen aPersona’s  Adaptive Security Manager to deliver advanced adaptive multi-factor authentication across SmartVault online services.

With aPersona Adaptive Security Manager, access to SmartVault services are continuously evaluated for risk utilizing advanced cognitive behavioral policies while adaptively permitting seamless and friction-free access to SmartVault users. Active risk analytic data is can be used for graphical reporting and reporting audit purposes as required for compliance.

 “At SmartVault, we support thousands of accounting professionals who store, manage and securely share files with their clients, and we are passionate about ease of use and security for all our users and services”, said Dania Buchanan, Senior Vice President of Marketing. “We chose aPersona’s Adaptive Security manager because it provides a great user experience, easy setup, and delivers one of the best overall Total Cost of Ownership solutions on the market.”

 “The aPersona team has been a pleasure to work with and their support is excellent! aPersona ASM easily enabled multiple unique Risk-Based Security Policies for all our user groups giving us the ability to match and assign specific risks to all our transactions.”, commented SmartVault Development Manager, Manikprabhu Rajendra.

“At aPersona, we are all about helping our clients comply with their security audits and to reduce the cyber risks and issues that continue to mount with weak and stolen credentials”, said aPersona CEO, Kelly Sparks. “On-line services should employ risk evaluations for access to private data, and we have worked closely with SmartVault to deliver our cognitive adaptive multi-factor authentication capabilities for their mobile and browser applications.”

About SmartVault
SmartVault, a leading provider of Software as a Service document management solutions, provides accounting professionals and business users with an easy and affordable solution for going paperless. SmartVault's unique integration with popular small and medium-sized business applications such as QuickBooks creates a seamless user experience for scanning, attaching and finding documents within a familiar application. With SmartVault, users can securely store, access and share all of their documents any time and from anywhere.


About aPersona, Inc.

aPersona, Inc. is a security application software provider based in Raleigh, NC. aPersona’s Adaptive Security Manager (ASM) provides Banking Level Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Risk Analytic Data for Audit, & Compliance reporting and GDPR Risk Policy Compliance. ASM is engineered for enterprises, provides fully centralized adaptive MFA management, invisible registration, invisible monitoring, invisible learning and invisible risk evaluations for logins and transactions. 

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