Frictionless Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication


aPersona’s adaptive multi-factor authentication software brings strong & invisible security to companies and organizations of any size.  aPersona is engineered for enterprise high-availability, provides  centralized management and invisible/automated enrollment.


aPersona’s team and developers designed  the solution to overcome four significant problems with existing  multi-factor and two-factor authentication services.


  • Expensive per user licensing puts nearly every solution out of reach for high user/consumer based services and startups.

  • Forcing users to carry a token or download software is restrictive and problematic.

  • Services that lack  intelligence and force users to engage/respond with a one time passcode or knowledge based authentication on every login are cumbersome and intrusive to the end user experience.

  • MFA solutions that cannot provide post login transaction validations are extremely limiting and assume all post login risk profiles are the same as the initial login, which is clearly not the case.


aPersona was designed from the ground up to solve these problems while at same time, provide a robust set of additional authentication factors so badly needed to bolster “Naked Security” (ID and Pwd alone).