aPersona Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication for Microsoft ADFS SSO! (Supports trusted forest and domain suffixes. Also Complies with SalesForceTM MFA Requirements)

Frictionless - Adaptive - Strong
Multifactor Authentication

  • Real, Intelligent, Adaptive Technology - Adaptive does not have to be complicated. Learn more.
  • Great End-User Experience - Strong authentication that doesn't ask the user to do anything. Learn more.
  • Easy Configuration & Administration - From install to protection in less than a week. Learn more.

CPC Logistics Chooses aPersona

Bill Steimel, CTP

VP of Information Technology

CPC Logistics Inc

Baha Zeidan
Azalea Health
"After looking at many options, we found the Adaptive Security Manager from aPersona provided the best user authentication experience, was easy to integrate and configure, and met our affordability objectives. It’s a terrific balance."

“We were already in the process of looking at MFA with products like Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor, DUO Security and @Keeper and found that aPersona had the best combination of functionality, cost and flexibility.

We love that our employees didn’t have to do anything or carry anything additional to be protected. ASM’s simple management interface, ease of integration, built-in analytics, and the lowest TCO made our decision easy. The level of support and responsiveness from aPersona further confirmed we made the right choice.”

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