aPersona ASM ADFS Adapter

aPersona ASM ADFS Adapter & Legacy Security

aPersona ASM ADFS Adapter provides seamless Adaptive (Invisible) Multi-Factor Authentication to Microsoft ADFS (now including support for trusted forests and domain suffixes).  aPersona's ADFS Adapter is approved by Microsoft and listed as an approved 3rd Party Solution: View Here. Click the buttons below to review the features and capabilities:

aPersona ASM support for strong authentication for Legacy Applications is also available. This service provides SSO and Strong Authentication to Legacy applications that have no ability to be integrated with SSO. Click the button below to read the solution brief.




PDS Partners with aPersona

PDS' Vista® is the complete HCM software solution that's perfect for midsize companies and enterprises worldwide.

aPersona is fully integrated with Vista® and provides fully adaptive login security to all users and security groups.  

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